EU Court, Pagano (Radicals): A new victory for multilinguistic, but linguistic federalism has to go on

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EU Court, Pagano (Radicals): "A new victory for multilinguistic, but linguistic federalism has to go on"

Statement of Giorgio Pagano – Radicals/ERA

"The EU Justice Court determined the Italian right in matter of discrimination based on language: a new victory for multilinguistic, but the linguistic federalism has to go on". So declares Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radical Association "Esperanto".

"FACE (the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU) addressed to the Court, claiming that the use of trilinguism in an announcement of examination is discriminatory: the judges released their motivations, claiming that the publication of an announcement in three languages is a discrimination against EU right. Once more the careful presence and the continuous monitoring of the respect of every right, including the linguistic ones, has been rewarded", adds Pagano.

"Thus I call upon every associations, that finds the oligarchic-trilinguistical imposition against the other official languages in EU, to linguistic surveillance. It is necessary however to continue on the way towards Esperanto as a federal language: only by this we could have all along Europe the same opportunities and, at the same time, linguistic democracy".

Rome, 2nd of March 2011.


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