EU balance and the argument between Monti and Cameron: using esperanto we would save 60 billion euros

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“Cameron asks Monti to cut the balance for EU, saying that this way Italy would save 2 billions euros. But Italy would save 60 billion euros if we stop the English language colonization. And if Europe would use esperanto as Federal language the whole EU would save 25 billions euros per year”.

This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano about the balance renegotiation and the argument between Mario Monti and David Cameron. The British Prime Minister opposes to boosting the balance, saying that “Europe has to live on its own”. Monti, on the contrary, says that EU needs more money to sustain the ever-growing tasks the States give it.

“Now we are trying to rationalize the European Community and to make the institution working better, we should operate a nonviolent choice: to adopt a simple, incisive and unnational communication instrument. This would make us save billions euros and build the linguistic democracy”.


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