Esperanto Filmoj e altro: intervista ad Alfonso Cuaron (in inglese)

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Nei titoli di coda del film “Gravity” di Alfonso Cuaron (con Sandra Bullock e George Clooney) mi ha colpito la scritta “AN ESPERANTO FILMOJ PRODUCTION”.

Cercando di saperne di più, ho trovato questa intervista di Sam Green ad Alfonso Cuaron:

Alfonso Cuarón is the Mexican director of a number of big Hollywood films, including: Children of MenY Tu Mamá También, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. A while ago, I noticed that Cuarón’s production company was called “Esperanto Filmoj.” My curiosity was aroused and so I got in touch with Cuarón and had a lovely Skype conversation with him about Esperanto, hope, and the state of the world today. Here are some excerpts:

Sam Green: So what inspired the name of your company? Is there a story?

Alfonso Cuarón: I’d always been fascinated by Esperanto. I remember the first time that I came across Esperanto was through a Spanish writer called Miguel Unamuno, a Spanish writer of the first part of the 20th century. One of his characters was this eccentric anarchist who speaks Esperanto. Then I started getting the whole thing, the notion of Zamenhof, of this universal language that was going to bring the world together.



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