espERAnto: The figures and the facts of the March Perugia-Assisi

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espERAnto: The figures and the facts of the March Perugia-Assisi
These are the figures of the participation of Esperanto Radical Association at the events of the 50th anniversary of the March of Peace Perugia-Assisi.

Information Tables: 3
New Memberships:
Collected Signature: for the participation of european athletes to 2012 Olympics with the double flag, national and european: 53, including the prestigious signatures of Corradino Mineo, director of Rainews, and Franco Moretti, director of Nigrizia.
Participants and Speakers of Seminar “Language and Power”: 123 participants, 3 speakers: Giorgio Pagano, Marco Pannella, Marco Cattaneo.
Banner: 1 of 4 m x 1,20 double-face italiano/Esperanto: “Ferma la guerra delle lingue! Esperanto diritto dell’umanità. / Haltigu la militon de la lingvoj! Esperanto rajto de la homaro.” (“Stop the war of languages! Esperanto Right of Humanity”)
Printed Flyers: 10.000, A5 size, full colour, 4 pages.
Distributed Flyers: 9.725

Km walked during the March: 24
Soundtrack used during the course of the March: 1, “Kiu lingvo por la homaro” by Konga Espero
Interventions: 3 of Giorgio Pagano (seminar “Language and Power“, seminar “Let’s Build the Community of Mediterranean“, Commemoration of Aldo Capitini  at Monumental Cemetery in Perugia), 1 of Marco Pannella (seminar “Language and Power“), 1 of Marco Cattaneo (seminar “Language and Power“).
Press Releases: 6
Pressed News: 3. One on “Corriere dell’Umbria” pp. 4 and 5, two on “Notizie Radicali”.
Interviews: 2. One to Lapo Orlandi by Afriradio, one to Marco Pannella on “Rainews 24”
Posters March in Esperanto “Estu parto de la solvo”: 10, five used in Rome, 5 at the Meeting of the Thousand Youngs for Peace.
Expence for publicity material: 660,82 Euros
Travel Expence round trip for 11 people: 203 Euros
Lodging Expence for 11 people: 190 Euros
Board Expence for 11 people: 106,19 Euros (excepted not counted individual expences).
Total Outflow: – 1218,01 Euros
Total Income: +231 Euros
Deficit: – 987,01 Euros.


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