Esperanto older than Turkish

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Esperanto was created in the eighties of the 19th century , while the modern Turkish language written in the latin script is a product of the early 20th century.
Thus Esperanto, although product of 19th century student , is nowadays still a traditional european language inherited from parents to children in the fifth or sixt generation.
Thus it deserves more respect and support in the same way as Greek and Latin do.
I think the language could be used for neutral inscriptions on banknotes, cheques and so, creating understandable text and causing less confusion.
Maybe also for street and place names as official variant in multilingual regions of Europe like Belgium and so on.
Also the Esperanto counting system could be used which is closely related to that one of Chinese. Here's and overview:
1000 – mil , 10 – dek , 7 – sep , 8 – ok , 9 – nau , 100 – cent thus 1978 is mil nau cent sep dek ok maybe every european should learn for at least one hour esperanto , so that he/she is capable of pronouncing the language and being able to count in it.
Esperanto letters should be included on every European keyboard.


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