ERA Succeeds at the Green European Congress

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ERA Succeeds at the Green European Congress
An utter victory for the "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio during the European Green Congress in Berlin: the two resolutions about the "enviromental emergency" presented by the Irish Greens, is constituted by the destruction of the linguistic eco-system and, especially in Italy, by the Paderborn method, for which the two delegates mutually agreed to fuse together a single General Resolution, then adopted by the Congress.
The resolution ( … lin33.html) asks, among other things, for the convocation of a European Conference that focuses on the eco-linguistic state and the setting up of a European observatory which can monitor the state and progression of languages, especially minor language, of the old continent. Furthermore, it invites the party members and those elected by the Greens to ensure that the Esperanto newletter circulates in the European Ministry of Public Education and to promote the wide experimental use of the Paderborn method in Europe.
Finally, during the teamwork activity about the European nationalism that has expanded, it was suggested that a Coalition should be made between the party and the greens ought to be elected to take care of eco-linguistic sustainability, it already received the maximum pre-accession on behalf of the Greens, the Italians, Gibilterra and the complete availability of the on behalf of the French, Germans, Norwegians, Scottish and the Portughese. However, the VEA ([i]l’Associazione Esperantista Verde[i]) resolution, presented by its Secretary, Westermaier, was rejected not because of the use of Esperanto, as one of the delegates insisted on enphasizing, but because of the incapacity of proving the correlation between the use of the Esperanto language and the problems with European commincation.
Berlin was also a good occasion to send and recieve info via sms, to and from sympathetic Esperantists, and it was a way to show ERA’s success at the Green European Congress. From now on then, for all of Europe’s Greens, thanks to the work carried out by the "Esperanto" Radical Association, the extinction of humanity’s linguistic patrimony has become a full-time enviromental priority. If you wish to receive an sms concerning the E-occasions available, send an email to or an sms to 333.666.50.30, specifying your own personal cell phone number.


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