ERA presents “Masquerade” and “Crusoes in Siberia” by T. Soros the 4th of November in Rome

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On 4th November at 12 pm Esperanto Radical Association (ERA) presents Masquerade and Crusoes in Siberia by Tivadar Soros in the venue of Via di Torre Argentina 76 in Rome. After the viewing of a video intervention by the son George Soros, the Secretary of the Association Giorgio Pagano, the Rector emeritus of Hartford University Humphrey Tonkin, the academic and esperantist Carlo Minnaja and other important guestswill debate upon the books.

«These are documents of great value on the times in which Esperanto was a way to escape regimes», explaines Pagano. «Today we cannot do an objective reflection about the future of the International Language without explaining the hopes of peace and equality it represented trough history, from holocaust to the present days. Soros father tells just the times of the holocaust, when he escaped from Hungary to USA, in Masquerade, describing it in the democratic and equal language created by L. L. Zamenhof, whose family suffered the martyrdom in the ghetto of Varsavia, in Palmiry and in Treblinka».

 «An irreplaceable book, which could be freely consulted in our Library of Nonviolence, to give the best chanche to new generations to learn the meaning of the nazifascist persecution, the war and the soviet communism, but also to wonder about the value of nonviolence, the pernicious ways by which regimes and discriminations could occour and on the incomparable possibilities of Esperanto as language of the ‘human species’, a so great evidence of the brotherhood between men that it remains the same even through the most horrible and unbearable negations of the human community», concludes the Secretary of Esperanto Radical Association.


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