ERA Participates at the UNESCO World Summit on the Information Society

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ERA Participates at the UNESCO World Summit on the Information Society
On the 22nd and the 23rd of April, in Paris, the Added Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio took part in the second preliminary consultation meeting of UNESCO’s World Summit on the Information Society. ERA’s delegate, ERA, the only Italian Esperantist Association present at the summit, spoke about "cultural diversity and public domain" during both the workshop and the Plenum, focusing on what the definition of public domain really means.

For starters, ERA insists on monitoring public policy which can control the extension and the restriction of information and statistics released to the public, in the same way which linguistic policies are carried out in a national and international level.

The appeal was received and expanded during the Plenum of the Workgroup’s president. During the Plenum, ERA’s delegate, Michele Gazzola, underlined that UNESCO must verify if the Information Society is actually compatible with the principles discussed, and suggested a permanent online committee where the tools and time periods needed to draft a model for the Information Society that respected said principles.

The upcoming events will be built up by 4 regional conferences and three Preparatory Comittees, or PrepCom, which will elaborate the seeds of thought to be cultivated the Geneva Summit in 2003, which, together with the speakers and documents drafted during the Paris sessions, to be published on the Meeting’s website within the next 45 days, will be main topic of discussion in the future events.


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