ERA on Language Anti-trust World Conference at the Indigenous People Forum

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ERA Onlus participated in the Forum for Indigenous People, which took place in new York.
The Forum was half a day dedicated entirely to a Specialized Group Report relations concerning indigenous languages, that reunited last month, in January, together with the ERA Onlus, who participated actively and witnessed the acceptance of a proposition against linguistic democracy initiated by the authorities, who made it their priority to respect the report’s conclusions concerning linguistic democracy, starting from the summonings of the "World Conference on linguistic democracy, indigenous languages, education and identity."

Furthermore, the Forum reminded the other member states the importance of activating the initiatives that have been included in the report, some of which insist on the authorities’ behavious against linguistic discrimination.

Within a few hours, a statement was drafted and presented, signed by the delegates of 50 organizations and indigenous communities. The statement noted the Forum’s efforts and interests, and asked for the speedy set up of an Organizational Comittee on the Language World Conference and the setting up of Regional provisional conferences to take place before the next Session.

Rome, May 03 2008


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