ERA at the European Commission Multilinguism Hearing

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ERA at the European Commission Multilinguism Hearing.

ERA took part in the public hearing on multilinguism in Brussels, promoted by the European Commission on April 15. In the presence of the European Commissioner, Leonard Orban, ERA reminded that the multilinguism idea that the Commission promotes, and is promoted in practically in all of the European institutions, that in reality translates as a mere support to the creation of the "ultimate language," that is, English: continually considered as the official tool for communication. Indeed, despite the fact that the European Union has always stated that it works for European institutions that head towards identifying and admiring all official languages and towards promoting linguistic diversity, when actually cases where the English language is favoured at the expense of others are emerging frequently, and other languages are worthless.

The idea that equality between member State citizens constantly retreating from the completion of the superior "race," the race made up by the English-speaking, and it is not happening in the near future but right now. Meanwhile, aside from these considerations, made by the Commissioner at the closing of the hearing, for what concerns promoting official languages, the widespread teaching of languages in schools and a major media attention should be focused on linguistic diversity, allocating a space to ERA’s ideas, which foresee the adoption and measures, such as experimenting in an equal language such as Esperanto, capable of protecting languages and halting the trasnational communication to be only in English.


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