English test could see EU doctors barred from Britain

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The General Medical Council will be given new powers to test language skills after a series of scandals in which patients died after being treated by doctors who trained overseas and failed to understand basic medical terms.

The GMC will be allowed to test the language skills doctors from other European Union countries for the first time since 1983 – and if they fail, refuse to let them practise in Britain.

The powers, to be put into place by ministers by changing the law to close a loophole opened by the European Union’s rules letting citizens from other member states work freely in Britain.

Under the existing system, more than 25,000 doctors from countries within the European Union have registered to work in the NHS without checks on their language skills.

Those who put patients at risk can only be removed from the medical register after incidents are uncovered.

From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk 25/02/2013


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