English referendum for Europe, Pagano (ERA): the US warn Great Britain worried over the status of colonization

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the US warn Great Britain worried over the status of colonization

Waiting for Cameron to prepare the final speech concerning the referendum that will proclaim the permanence of the UK in the European Union or its exit, Obama warned the prime minister: America wants to continue in the partnership with a strong European Union, not weakened by the absence of Great Britain. “It is a clear invitation to remain in Europe, fearing the end of the alliance started after the second world war could put at risk a colonization process assuring the submission of 500 million European brains. We should recall that Europe does not have a rating agency, while China (not a real market economy) created one almost 20 years ago” declared Giorgio Pagano, leader ERA. How could the English language monopoly in Europe be justified if the UK left the Union? It certainly would result in a weaker Union, but mainly from the point of view of American interests and of those of English-language countries, that would lose their most effective ally in colonizing and exploiting the citizens of our continent, like Robert Phillipson explained in detail in his books” concluded Pagano.


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