Education Reform. English Language Colonization Continues to be Forced on Italians.

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What about the Unions?
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, European candidate of the Lista Bonino – Secretary and Panel of the "Esperanto" Radical Association

The goverment approved the new education reform regulations, presented by the Minister for Education earlier this year on the 28th of May, and the reform plans to make its debut in 2010/2011. Among the hilights is the fact that during the final school year, subjects will be taught entirely in English.
"In this way Italian expenses towards the country’s English-speaking colonization is, which already reaches an approximate 900 Euros per capita, will increase. The teaching of other languages is practically dissapearing in schools and universities, as more and more English monthertongue stadd are being hired instead. Tomorrow even non-linguistic subjects will be taught in English, and there is even the risk that English mothertogues will be hired to teach History, Philosophy, and even Italian Literature (given that the text does not specify which school subjects are to be taught in English and which are not). But what are the school Unions doing about this additional risk of occupation? Don’t they realize that no matter how well our youth may learn English, the management world alwas asks for "English mothertongue," at the expense of linguistic rights and equality? They don’t understand that we are actually facing a fascist linguistic regime, a foreign linguistic regime."


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