Education, Pagano (Era): Profumo, his last act in the thievery from the Italians

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«As dean of Turin's Polytechnic, he dispensed with university taxes students who chose to study in English, and not in their Italian mothertongue. Now, as Minister of Education, Profumo wrote a document for his successor in viale Trastevere which is full of English terms, as to make it gibberish for an Italian reader», says Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio, analysing the latest document by the Minister Profumo.

«The speaks about “early school leavers” instead of using the equivalent Italian expression “dispersione scolastica”, and also cites, among others, the expressions “double appointment”, “visiting professors”, “visiting researchers” and “job market”, stealing from Italian language».

«The political corruption became linguistic corruption. This one has economical consequences way superior than the political one. The English-language colonization of Italy costs us 60 billions euros per year – 26 times the sum given to the political parties from 1994 to 2012, which were, more or less, 2,3 billions euro per year. The Milan Polytechnic allocated 3,2 millions euros to colonise their university. And we do not speak about the costs for publishing houses, that won't be able to sell anymore their books to Italian students, who will be Italian just by name, but who will be mentally colonised» concludes Pagano.


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