Education, Pagano (Era): Profumo, final act of the larceny Italians.

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"When he was rector of the Polytechnic of Turin the Italian students who denied their mother tongue in favour of English were allowed not to pay the taxes student. Now, Profumo, in quality of Ministro dell'Itruzione (Secretary of State for Education), elaborated for his successor a shameful text full of english terms with the hidden aim not to make it clear to Italian people", Pagano said, ERA's leaders, apropos of the recent Atto di indirizzo of the Italian Minister Profumo.
"Profumo uses the terms early school lever, instead of using the Italian equivalent dispersione scolastica. In order to 'accelerate the internationalization process (a term used in place of English colonization) of Universities', for the Minister the objective to pursue are 'the study of modality of double appointment, inducement per the visiting professors and the visiting researchers' and 'experimentation of activities of job market' and more and more to steal Italian in favour of English".
"Political corruption became linguistic corruption with economic aspects higher than the larceny of parties. English colonization cost to Italy more than € 60 billion every year, against the € 2,3 billion for the parties from 1994 to 2011.
Polytechinic of Milan provided € 3,2 billion to colonize the Athenaeum and, of course, we are not considering the costs for the Italian publishing which won't sell Italian books. The Italian students will have only Italian names and they will be cerebrally colonized”, Pagano concluded.


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