Economy, Pagano (Era): ‘Fatto in Italia’, I appeal to Armani to save Italian language.

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“I appeal to Giorgio Armani, who has been the leader of the exports of Italian high fashion in 2012, in order to help us with his creativity to save Italian language.

As for the high formation, English is supplanting our language in many Universitites and our publishing is dying. Soon the Italians who want to study in Italian can not do it. It is absolutely necessary to react to the linguistic genocide ensured by those (Rettori, teachers and Ministers) who are not able to keep up with Italian history”, that’s the comment of the ERA’s Secretary.

“I propose to Giorgio Armani to be the first to react. How? He could add to the ‘Made in Italy’ the Italian translation “Fatto in Italia”. It would even be better if the writing ‘Made in Italy’ would be replaced by the Italian translation. It’s time that we realize that the internationalization can’t be made through a foreign language bearer of political and economic interests of other nations. The Italian language is the fourth most studied language and it could be the impulse of the whole manufacturing excellence of our country”, Pagano concludes.


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