Economy, Pagano (ERA): Amartya Sen, new anti-euro crusader

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association


“When Amartya Sen says that Euro is a terrible thingand defines the Single Currency as a mistake which has provoked negative consequences for Europe, such as austerity policies imposed on weakest peoples, a European federalist remains with a bitter taste in mouth.

The only terrible things actually are Sen’s words, that leaves us speechless. We can certainly recognize the great economist when he says reasonable things, for example that the great European way to Capitalism, the social market economy that in a few post-war years has transformed a continent reduced to rubble in the most  prosperous market of the world, a singular event in history, might actually be destroyed forever. The call to Ventotene is even more relevant, with the conclusion that Spinelli’s project aimed first of all at a politically united Europe, not at a single currency governed by not democratically legitimized oligarchies.

Unfortunately, however, only this is intelligent and true in the words of the Indian economist. Everything else is a disconcerting superficiality and approximation.

Euro has been an unprecedented success, it has represented and represents something that not even in the Bible we find as an example: the one of peoples who, after fratricide wars, have given their own currency up to create a supranational one.

It has been so successful that it has attracted the attention of the U.S.A. because it threatened the dollar as international currency, allowing that people and English language to sponge on the world. This attention is also at the base of the policy of the U.S. war in Iraq, whose second objective was to remove the buying and selling oil in euro only.

Euro is also the object of that speculation of Anglo-American finance, which is trying in all ways to unravel the euro zone to make it a colony devoted to free trade, where Europeans are no longer citizens but only users and consumers.

Sen hasn’t understood that we are in war and that the real miracle is that EMU has stood up to now, given the military powers it enjoys, and that the “autopilot” Darghi talks about hasn’t lost its way yet.

The solution is not the debt or the German assistance in sharing debts: this would be only a stopgap until the project of Ventotene will be completed, that is the political union, whose Hollande’s words represent only a little beginning. But they are always better than the immobility and the ‘words in freedom’ of Amartya Sen. 


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