Digital Agenda, Pagano (ERA): China is emancipated from Microsoft but Europe still gives a great number of consumers to the American multinationals

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“China chooses Ubuntu as State-endorsed operating system. This is another proof of the great process of emancipation in the field of the computer-science. The main websites in China are not Google or Facebook but Baidu and Weibo, and the Dragon do not want to makes its inhabitants consumers that get Anglo American world fatter. This is a lesson that Europe should learn from China” the Secretary of Esperanto Radikala Asoccio said.
“The primary objective is the independence in the field of the science computer, as ERA always said. The Radical Party want to organize a convention which deals with this issue in order to bring into focus on it and find the right strategies to face it”, the Radical leader said.
“During the recent debate organized by the Politecnico di Milano concerning the digital agenda, the best intervention has been made by Carlo Ghezzi (the president of Informatics Europe) who said that schools must improve the quality of the study of science-computer, it must be seen as a subject, as math or physical. It would be an help to get free from American products and services, it would contribute to the development of Information Technology.
What the miserable political classes don’t understand is that the only way to boost growth and jobs is to get free our continent from the United States. We must understand that life will be better if we’ll become citizens and not just consumers”, Pagano concluded.


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