Defense, Pagano (ERA/Radicali): No more ambiguity between European Security and Defense Policy. Europe don’t need American F-35 but an independent, mi

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«Di Paola's statement about the necessity of a European security is ambigouos: we can't keep on talking about security and, at the same time, dependency on Nato and U.S.A. Europe needs a common foreign policy and an autonomous army, both military and civilian.
An army that could be free to collaborate both with NATO and Russia in a total independent way, without any subordination to the U.S.A..
An European army and government would give an autonoumous international role to Europe.
All of us must support with vim the creation of the United States of Europe, it would allow to gather more than half a billion Europeans in a supranational system based on democracy and nonviolence».

This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Associazione Radicale Esperanto, about the declaration of Ministry of Defence Di Paola who, after Obama's election, wish for a common defence for Europe. Such a defense shouldn't oppose to NATO, but strenghten it.

Di Paola statement follows the Government's decision to buy F35 aircraft, produced by American Lockheed Martin. This purchase will drain funds from employment policies.

«As ERA leader and as member of Radical party, I am deeply saddened by the Senate's choice. To inevest on weapons -and even worse on our colonizator's weapons- is wrong. Article 11 of Italian Constitution is clear about it. Moreover, the sum invested is huge, and we are living in a recession period. During the next 12 years we will spend 230 billion euros despite the American bases which are already on the Italian territory. The Goverment is not thinking about families, who are poorer and poorer, about the increasing unemployment rate, about the young people, who are living a precarious life, and about the fleeced welfare».


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