Amazon and the respect owed to Italy, Giorgio Pagano (ERA): Amazon and the forced €49 bribe for a Kindle that cannot read in Italian

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The Kindle family represents some of the most successful products sold by Amazon, the E-book reader that has, among others, a “text-to-voice” function, capable of reading the text of an electronic book and making it audible through speakers or earphones. However, the products commercialized in Italy do not read Italian.

«Anglo-american multinational enterprises use linguistic discrimination aiming at colonization, as always. Amazon is no exception» said Pagano.

ERA bought two devices for its Library of Nonviolence in order to be able to listen to books and make this service available to visually handicapped people. Eventually we found out that the devices, costing €199 each, read English books perfectly but not at all those in Italian. The same Kindle Fire is sold by Amazon at $199, corresponding to €150!» continued Giorgio Pagano.

«A fundamental aspect in such politics is the istigation to collaborationism: if you read in our language you will rewarded. That is, if you betray your culture endorsing ours, you will be a winner.

Therefore, Amazon inflicts a €49 bribe on a product worth €150 only reading English books and avoiding all other European ones. Adding that the company is making big money with us but pays low taxes, the situation is no more tolerable. Amazon should mend as soon as possible and offer its excuses to all Italians, whose language and culture has to be respected. And without that extra €49 just because we are Italians!».


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