December 9th 2010: Initiative by ERA’s Dep.

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On the December 9th 2010 the new Residence Permit reform went in to action

Special Agreements drawn up for Entities
We’ll make you 100% Italian fast, easily and economically!

And every Tuesday you can legally consult, via appointment, the specialist Alessandro Geraldi

All the Italian language courses are taught by highly qualified mothertongue teachers who teach Italian as a foreign language. Civic and Judicial Culture, necessary to obtain the Residence Permit, are carried out by experienced professionals. The lessons will be based on direct communication, aimed to help the student develop four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) across fun and educational activities. It will focus on conversation and all those indispensable international skills to integrate and partecipate in Italy’s day-to-day life.
The Civic Culture lessons, as required by the Residence Permit, will inform you of all your rights, the main elements of the Italian Costitution, on the organization and the way all public istitutions function, and, especially, on everything that concerns healthcare, school, civil service, employment rights and tax obbligations. To be inserted in to the program, every student will have to take an auto-evaluation test at the beginning which will be followed up by an interview.

To help you understand the Residence permit norms we have prepared a step by step guide on the legislation, two summaries of it, and the relevant Statutory Instrument documents, launched on the 4th of June 2010, as well as information about the exam’s Structure and the Italian language competence test, as required by the 9th legislative decree, 25 July 1998, n.286, introduced in the article n.1, comma 22, letter (i) of the 2009 n.94 law."
* Summary of the Integration plan
* Summary if the Integration Agreement
* Integration Plan
* Integration Agreement

The required modules to be filled in and sent to, or to be handed in to in person at the E.R.A. Onlus headquarters, Via di Torre Argentina n. 76, Roma 00186, are:
* Enrollment module
* Residence Permit Autoevaluation test
* Level A1-C2 Autoevaluation test

You will be contacted by one of our teachers!
A minimal donation is expected for each course, it is deductible from the income, reported annually pursuant to Section 13 D.L. No 460, 04/12/1997, of both individuals and businesses.


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