Culture, Pagano (ERA): Mother Tongue Day, the Radical Party present a law to the Italian language

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Today is the Mother Tongue Day, which was established by UNESCO in 1999 thanks to proposal of Bangladesh to commemorate the uprising taken place in 1952 in the then East Pakistan, in defense of the Bengali, the mother tongue of that part of the country, against the imposition of the Urdu language.
It's wrong to consider these historical facts as far from our reality. We shouldn't celebrate this day in a romantic and abstract way: because nowadays the risk of a linguistic and cultural genocide engage Italy.
It sounds crazy if we consider that Italian language is the fourth or the fifth most studied in the world; it's crazy if we consider the glorious past – both remote and recent – of this land; but it doesn't sound crazy if we consider that:
in Milan, the Polytechnic will abolish the courses in Italian;
other universities will act in the same way;
EU declares and promotes multilingualism but it's just hot air since French, German and, of course, English remain the EU procedural languages.
That's why We want to inform the citizens about the legislative bill C.5683 (21 December 2012), signed by On. Beltrandi, for the development and internationalization of the Italian language and the affirmation of the values ​​of peace, democracy, progress and defense of the eco-cultural-linguistic through the promotion and teaching of international language called Esperanto.
The reality enforces us to understand how European nations must adopt a federal, democratic and non-ethnic language because it's the only way to make Europe stronger and free from the English language tax (350 billion per year). More than 3% EU's GDP is dedicated to realize a shameful collective linguistic genocide which includes Italian language; but We must consider that European project wouldn't be born without Italy and its idiom.
We all must consider these facts in order not to make just a rethoric day.


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