Culture, Pagano (ERA): if even Libération handcuff itself to English

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«On May, 21th the daily Libération had its front-page in English, because the following day the French National Assembly would have debated the bill about the introduction of some English-teached subjects in French universities. The Minister of Higher Education and Research, Genèvieve Fioraso, has presented the bill as a way to attract foreign students in French universities.

I cannot say if Libération wanted to provoke, but the conveyed idea was that Franch – at least the left oriented French – is incapable to free itself from the anglo-american chains». This is the declaration of Esperato Radikala Asocio’s leader, Giorgio Pagano, who continues: «Jean-Paul Sartre, the daily’s most authoritative writer, is probably turning in his grave. Even more if we think that after his death, Libération has always had the reputation of being liberal and liberatrian! To look at the page is enough to become sick. The heading says “Teaching in English, let’s do it”, and below there’s “Sex and condoms, the best is yet to come!”. It’s as if a fine caviar had been turned into a McDonald’s hamburger, or in a bad fish & chips. Even the editorial, called “Médiocrité”, is ridiculous. With a clear Freudian slip, it asks to French if the real scandal wouldn’t be the introduction of English into French universities instead of “the intolerable mediocrity in Shakespeare, Philip Roth or Nick Cave’s language” without asking instead if aren’t even more mediocre the British who do not teach any foreign languages in their schools. It’s hard to understand why a daily which housed Satre’s writing would need Philp Roth, or, more generally, why French should use Shakespeare’s language – even considering that English’s global spreading worsened it, and created 19 variation. This is just an imposition operated by anglophone neo-colonialism, aimed to chain up European citizens to a future of submission and ruin of their language and cultures – an operation failed even by Nazists. There is only one way: justice and linguistic federalism».



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