Culture, Pagano (Era): Eataly World, even if the culinary and agricultural arts becomes goods uprooted from Italian character.

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio

“Eataly World, again an English name and not Italian name for Italian products, actually italianest. Again English linguistic colonization language and no affirmation of identity and Italian culture, to label the millennial world of Italian culinary and agriculture culture.

The being sell oneself to the having and continuing to show our country always and only as a producer of goods and never as a manufacturer and exporter of culture is wrong and counter-productive. If we separate Italy from the culture what is it left?”, this is what the leader of Radikala Esperanto Asocio Giorgio Pagano asks, about the new project by Farinetti aimed at creating a sort of Disneyland of Italian food in Bologna.

“To promote our country in its entirety and in its being – continues Pagano – I appeal to Farinetti to change the name that he would give to the project, ‘Eataly World’, with one in Italian, even “mangiamondo”.

This is an important point for the revival of the country’s system with the promotion of our language. On the other hand we can enjoy the best Italian products only with their original names.

For this purpose we created our Award Italianiadi urging all Italian speakers in the world to creatively translate an English word in Italian”, concluded the leader of the Era.


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