Culture, Pagano (ERA): Dear Gramellini, Italian decadence is called colonization

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Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association

Beyond of the right complaint of the tired, inconclusive and little fast-moving way in which Italians don’t try to put themselves forward the serious and endemic crisis with no return, on the today’s edition of La Stampa, Gramellini omits the main cause of it, English linguistic and cultural colonization. This process has been going since the second World War, as Esperanto Radical Association has denounced for 25 years.

Gramellini wonders why, if Italy sells, the others always must have a benefit and why the myths of Italian past fascinate foreign writers and directors, but not ours. He concludes that “a good psychoanalist would find some material for his studies.

An entire nation should lie down on doctor’s bed, a nation that proudly refuses to be like the others want and instead wishes with all its might to satisfy the global model, condemning itself to marginality”. Well here is the mistake, the psychoanalist can help to cure our symptoms and our ills, but after all we must defeat the causes of our subservience to the anglophone powers.

Our doctor is not called Freud but Robert Phillipson: we must once and for all understand that we are victims of a systematic domination by the Anglo-American power, addressed to enslave our minds and every aspect of our economic and social life.

This is the answer which explains why an Italian Dan Brown, a three-coloured Ridley Scott who tells about The Gladiator and, worse, a common European defense, a federal language, a rating agency of the Union etc.don’t exist.

Looking at the other side of the coin, it is also clear why men and women born in the USA feel comfortable in their media and film world, more and more inspired to the Roman Empire: they feel the emperors of the present and of the future, and if we are not able to stop them, they will become real.


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