Crisis, Pagano (Era): We’ve decided to lose our prestige and we sell ourself to the English language.

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«Some time ago Galli Della Loggia on the Corriere della Sera asked if Italy had an importance and if our nation has a vocation and a destiny and what could be its role in for the world.

Even for Esperanto Radikala Asocio these are the most compelling questions. But what Della Loggia do not consider is that Italian people have chosen to sell our language to the English. But he did not specify that the decision not to learn in Italian, as in Polytechnic of Milan is happening, means to abdicate to our history and to our future role in the world».


«If the destruction of the instruction in our language is in progres, then what is our role in the world if we decide to teach in English? But Italian is the fourth most spoken language and it is the language spoken by eminent and illustrious figurees. As Indro Montanelli said ‘a nation that ignores its past will never know anything about its present’».


«I agree that our Country seems ‘immersed into a crisis caused by a lack of confidence in its own strenght, into a sort of indifference, of psychological strain, which may be become a grim resignation’, and with this the economy has a lot to do – continues Pagano – but it’s very difficult that someone would want to invest in a Country which do not believe anymore in itself, in its talent, which seems to have forgotten its roots, its glorious past, and, instead, look with servility at what other built with their own strenght, and not just by imitation, as certain vucumprà-Deans, and not just them.

We have to believe in our creative and innovative potential, in our history. We shouldn’t consider it – as Renzi said – a heritage, but our fuel, our oil.

We need to relaunch the Italian language and culture, both in Italy and abroad, creating Poles of “Good and Beautiful”. These should promote the eccellences of “made in Italy” and be the engines of “Italianity” in the world. We should internazionalize in Italian. Who says our language and culture have already lost is actually working for the Italian linguistic genocide. He really does not care about our country, but he just want to sell an English-counterfait Italy», concludes Pagano.



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