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ERA (Esperanto Radikala Asocio) onlus is official venue for the achievement of the CILS that is Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language issued by the “University for Foreigner people of Siena”

CILS exams are an important goal for all students of Italian language.

All language skills as listening, reading, writing and speaking are valued with this exam.

The certification is different, considering each level because it covers specific skills in relation to different sides of society as social, professional, study.

The CILS has a guarantee function: it ensures that the foreigner who possesses a certification of a certain level will be able to communicate in Italian language in communicative contexts for the chosen level, and at the same time, it also provides those who require the skills communication to a stranger.

It is expendable for:

– working. Many Italian companies that operate abroad ask for people who speak Italian language or foreign companies who have business relations with Italy. Both could require the possession of CILS certificate

-the permit of stay as a result of DM 04/06/2010

-studying. Italian Universities require a certificate of competence for Italian language for admission. The minimum level required to enroll in an Italian university is the level CILS DUE-B2: non-EU students that have this level mustn’t do the proof of knowledge of Italian language at University.

Foreign students holding a CILS certificate of a higher level get additional points for inclusion in the lists of suitable candidates.

-For teaching italian

To support the CILS exams candidates don’t need special qualifications, but only a knowledge of Italian language corresponding to the parameters specified for each level . CILS exams require a minimum knowledge of European society and culture, and general knowledges about Italy.

The exams are evaluated by the University for Foreign People of Siena, which drew up the criteria for the assessment of skills and different types of exams, and the scores that are linked to.


We offer group course of three times at week for 6 weeks or two times a week for 9 weeks. The course will start with minimum 5 people.

We offer individual course too. Both courses are with teacher of italian mothertongue.

For information ufficio ERA 06 68979797 or ufficio CAF 346 6767096.


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