CLIL or KILL? Giorgio Pagano (ERA): Profumo continues to pass English linguistic colonization off as a source of progress

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«Italian Minister Profumo keeps on passing the English colonization of Italy off as a source of progress sustaining CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), the teaching of non-linguistic subjetcs in English and no more in Italian. CLIL should be renamed KILL because it kills knowledge in the Italian language and gives the Anglophone front 26 times the billions that political parties took since 1994.

Indeed, compared to the €2.3 billion dispensed to parties since 1994, Enlgish linguistic colonization cost Italians over €60 billion on a yearly basis and represents all but an opportunity to find a job abroad but a forced escape of brains».

This is how Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association, has commented the declaration of Francesco Profumo (Minister of Instruction, University and Research), in recall to the activation of training courses for professors according to CLIL methodology.

«Italian Minister Profumo, in accordance with his predecessors Moratti and Gelmini, is working for the devaluation and progressive elimination of our mother tongue from the school system and its replacement with the neo occupants’ language – underlines Pagano, adding that – those who collaborate to the instauration of this linguistic regime will have to legally answer for it, just as it happened to the collaborators of the nazis at the times of the Vichy Republic. The European Court of Justice has sentenced the European Commission, claiming that European announcements uniquely published in English, French and German constitute a form of discrimination based on linguistic criteria. On the contrary, Profumo strengthens the discrimination of Italians in favor of English native speakers who don’t have to learn any additional language».

«Since 1995 Miur with the departmental act 126, which came with a massive and profound study on Esperanto as the democratic path to internationalization, has all the analytical equipment at disposal in alternative to the linguistic colonization but mister Profumo continues to turn a deaf ear».


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