Case Marò, Pagano (ERA): Late resignations of Terzi and renunciation of German citizenship of Rizzello are the cases of the one diplomat mediocrity and of one Italian immigrant height ethics.

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“The resignations of the Minister Terzi are even late to restore a modicum of credibility to the Italian foreign policy and revive the image of our country at international level. The attitude of the Italian Government and of the two Ministers Terzi and Di Paola in particular has been from the beginning as ambiguous and contradictory, as an old particracy, an obscure and double behavior, in which instead of the transparency of documents and official records, while it engages the matters openly, it prefers leaving the public opinion, moving in secret, ceding then, with the ignominy of own country, where it tried to make tough game without force”. This is the comment of the Secretary of the ERA, Giorgio Pagano, by the news of the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday.

“I wonder, however – adds Pagano – if really it was the will to admit own sins and suffer the consequences, or if it was just yet another maneuver to try another ‘placement’ after the disastrous outcome of this event. We have heard of an occurred negotiation between Terzi and PDL, from which a campaign promise that would convinced him to resign in the hope to get another charge soon would emerge. It mustn’t be remembered, however, that in his diplomatic career Giulio Terzi was characterized by his closest and trusted confidant U.S being, precious representative as a gold for U.S. diplomacy. Not astonishes, at this, that he is the Italian political man most quoted in the famous documents put on the website of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks. “

“Beyond all – says the Secretary of the ERA – a key question that I think a sufficient value has not been given is economical question.

At the outbreak of the case the Farnesina, in fact, was afforded to announce that it would hamper the ‘unilateral’ movements of the local police, claiming a right to military immunity, because they are, in fact, ‘organs of state’ in foreign jurisdictions.

The affair of the Indian Ocean, however, it was soon revealed to Rome much more slippery given economic relations and growing strategic importance of India. Italy, as shown by the “Associazione delle Camere di commercio italiane all’estero” (Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad), has an export anything but negligible to the former British colony which is not any way prepared to lose. The numbers speak for themselves, thanks to overseas markets, Italian exports not affected by the crisis and the trade has made a leap of 12.2%. Not to mention that last year exports outside the European Union increased by 5.4% and in the last five years, in China and in India the “Made in Italy” has grown by 12% and 11 , 5%, compared to 16.5% in Brazil.”

“Well I think it was and is still that, ultimately, the stake for our country – said Pagano – and this is the real reason why we can not afford to pretend to be able to raise its voice in a country with a GDP growth of 7%, when Italy is found to make the tail end among the ‘greats’ of the euro, a decrease of GDP planned for this year by 1%.

It needn’t amaze then that the Indian Defense Ministry gloats on Rome ‘bent without many troubles’, local press will bubble as ‘little Italy’ and world crushes us.It consoles, in front of a technical minister leaving the chair so late, behaving even worse than a political standing minister, the gesture of another Italian, the young German from Puglia André Rizzello that the ‘chair’ of German citizenship been acquired, he rejects it, handing his German passport because outraged by anti Italiant statements by Peer Steinbruck, SPD candidate to the Chancellery”, concludes the radical director.


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