Berlusconi’s Magic spot: another way not to promote the Italian language in Italy

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Magic spot Berlusconi: another way not to promote the Italian language in Italy
Satement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association
"A great gesture towards Italians and Italy." These are the words expressed by the Minister Brambilla during the Press Conference that presented the commercial spot used to promoted Tourism in Italy. If the campaign’s aim is to promote the activity for Italians as well, a country that is made up not only of geographical beauty, but of "history, culture and art" as well, then it’s not clear why the term "Magic Italy" is used in the Campaign’s logo. It seems as if this great act of Italian tourism is not done to promote the Italian language, and it seems as the Minister and the Prime Minister are not aware of the fact that Italian is indeed the language of Italy’s culture, the language that was used by our writers, playwrights, scientists, artists and architects. The language is the abstract mother of all of our culture’s material valuables! The world would have compregehended "Magica Italia" just as easily as "Magic Italy," there is only a vowel’s difference, but that would of made the difference in promoting our language instead of aiding its usual deterioration.
Rome, 8.7.2010


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