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WRITTEN INTERROGATION by Marco Cappato (ALDE) at the European Council
Subject: Public teaching policy on foreign languages, the Grin Report.
Considering that the Multilinguistic strategy of the European Union is a communication subject often aimed for every citizen to be competent in 2 other languages aside from their own, considering the fact that this approach calls for the necessity to operate and teach in a foreign language; considering that to guide such a choice, and, considering that an evaluation such as this is the base of linguistic policy, policies that are being put in to place in different European states, and, considering that, given the choice, the mandate issues by the French, the «High Council of School Evaluation,» Prof. Grin has made report available, entitled «the teaching of foreign languages as public policy,» analyzing the costs/benefits of three different types of linguistic policies, designed in a way to achieve the greatest possible level of linguistic inter-communication among European citizens and to promote multilinguism, though the council doesn’t consider it useful to consult Prof. Grin or ask him to elaborate the economic and practical consequences of promoting multilinguism, the economic consequences or the scenarios that have not been analyzed so far.

This is meant to draw attention to the other organisms and European offices to the Grin Report abd tge important economic consequences that can arise from adopting a new public policy for the teaching of foreign languages analyzed up until now. It’s the council that is prepared to express it conclusive judgement from a political point of view concerning the three public linguistic policies examined so far in the field of research.

Answer (October 09 2006): For what concerns linguistic policy, the Honourable Parliment will be informed that, following the art.149, paragraph 1 of the treaty, the Community will work "in full respect of the member states responsibilities for what concerns the content of teaching and organization of the education problem, as well as respecting their cultural and linguistic diversity." Parlimentary interrogations took place on the 3rd of August, 2006.


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