According to Brussels, Italian is not a Culture Language

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Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association. "The European commisson financed a cultural award that discriminates the majority of EU citizens and hurts the dignity of the Italian cultural language. The 2009 Cultural Policy Research Award, organized by the Rete Europea Cultural Management and Training Center, which promises 10 thousand euros to the best research project dedicated ot linguistic diversity.”

The idea is an excellent one. Too bad that the applications need to be handed in in English, excluding those who may be talented and prepared, but are not English mother tongue and have chosen to study in other languages instead. The only excpetions are made for works that are submitted in French, German and Spanish, not to mention, Italian is entirely excluded, as well as 18 other European languages. It’s unacceptable that, on one hand, Commissioner Orban adamantly supports linguistic diversity and multilinguism, and on the other hand, he continues to finance bodies that operate against this cause, and favour the colonization of the English language.

Italy should protest loudly and threaten the revision of the European contributuion, until Italian is considered as a language of the Unione, and the Commission increases funding."


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