A Beacon against Discrimination

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The "Esperanto" Radical Association lights a beacon to burn "against any form of discrimination, intolerance and racism" by the Region, Province and the Municipality of Rome. By doing so we will raise awareness about the linguistic democracy that exists against non English-speaking people, and we go against the communication monopoly which exists thanks to the imposition of the English language in/on the world. The English-speaking linguistic domain is the main element of destruction of the all the other languages of the world, it is the source of discrimination amongst all those who are not English mothertongue and are spending money on the ever-rising costs of English books: the "English Language Tax" costs every non-English-Speaking EU citizen about 900 euros a year, which goes, for the most part, to Great Britain’s benefit, which absorbs 350 Billion euros a year, that’s the equivalent of the 3% of the European Union’s PIL in 2006.


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