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Open on Life.indiegogo.com the worldwide campaign of fundraising.
With the essential help of many of the Permanent Missions and organizations accredited to the United Nations we have expanded the sphere of human rights worldwide, from the moratorium on the death penalty to the international court against war crimes, to the banning of female genital mutilation .
Today affirm democracy, nonviolence and justice international language is objective no longer be postponed. It is urgent to extinguish the fires that are raging in the world, fire between peoples, individuals, religions, and affirm the right of peoples and of the person, the common language of the human race.
All animal species have a common language, perhaps even plants … The human species no! But despite having neither wings nor gills, nor particularly strong legs, today man travels through space, down in the deep sea, he runs fast on the ground more than any living being but, in fact, does not have a common language in the human species and, the not having it, it forces people to face each linguistically the law of “stronger” that often wants to stand as a “fairer”.
A language of the United Nations, with simplicity, speed and sense of justice, to become an advocate of emancipation, peace and brotherhood, of nonviolence, for a new era of world development.
These are not just “nice words”, since we have already started, with success, the application of two statements, one oral and one written, to the ” High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development “, in relation to the” objectives of the millennium” post-2015.
The HLPF 2015 will be held from June 26 to July 8 at the United Nations for NGOs that have shown interest and are accredited, and, soon to follow, and always in relation to the objectives defined for sustainable development post-2015, will follow others appointments, such as the Annual Ministerial Review, with the continuation of intergovernmental negotiations until 31 August to conduct the final Summit of the United Nations for the adoption of the program of post-2015 development in late September.
Both interventions, oral and written, were already accepted by the United Nations system in preparation for the meeting. Now we need to inform other organizations, asking for their support and / or dialogue, as well as inform the Missions of the various countries asking equally dialogue, but, above all, the will to support the thesis presented by PRNTT for the intergovernmental meeting in early July.
To ensure peace, brotherhood and welfare to humanity the parent organization of the United Nations, the League of Nations, saw at work during the first two General Assemblies, delegates from Brazil, Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia), Haiti, Italy, Japan, India, Persia (now Iran), Poland, Romania and South Africa to pursue resolutions that suggested to the League of Nations to recommend universal teaching of Esperanto in schools as a language International Auxiliary. The majority of member states were in favor of the adoption of the International Language (known as Esperanto) as a working language, but the veto of France (French was the language of diplomacy in those years) prevented the realization of this project, but, however, in 1922 the League of Nations approved unanimously during its third General Assembly of the report on Esperanto as an International Auxiliary Language convinced that also saw the support of Lord Robert Cecil, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937.
April 27, 2015, we have taken that journey to the United Nations and, now, what we urgently need is economic aid that put us in a position to pursue the initiative launched: contact via fax, e-mail, phone and try to meet physically in New York 193 Permanent Missions and over 140 accredited NGOs ECOSOC of the United Nations and explain why we, the human species, we need a common language. Immediately!
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