12th “Esperanto” Radikala Asocio

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English as a colonial language: how to stop the process of destruction? The 12th "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio congress took advantage of the student assembly at theSalutati di Montecatini Terme High School to hold the convention in 2009. That’s our 12th congress. It can’t be argued that now there is a line of work for the ERA in a colonial linguistic enviroment which has sedimented itself in Italy thanks to Moratti’s reform and then Gelmini’s, and after the approval of the Treaty of Lisbon and the internationalization of the universities, the English-speaking world remains unscathed. The student assembly will begin at 9am and will be followed by ERA’s congress which will begin around 11.30-12.00, with the following program:
Chairman’s Introduction
Work Order and Regulations Approval
The general debate will be opened by the President, the Secretary and Treasurer
Public reading of the documents, debate and vote of the Organ Elections
See you there!
Wednesday March 24th 2010 at MONTECATINI TERME, VIA MARCONI 71.
President: Daniela Giglioli, Secretary: Giorgio Pagano, Treasurer: Gabriele Paciaroni.
Remember to call ahead at or send an email to info@democrazialinguistica.it to confirm you’re attending. The following number is a mobile phone number, so that the Reception can be contacted at any time 347.76.08.756


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