108th self-immolation, Pagano (Era): while Tibetans do not accept the linguistic-cultural genocide, the Italian political and academic regime fuel it.

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«Tibetan’s self-immolation against the Chinese government – which mostly involve young monks – keep increasing, and recently they reached the number of 108. In the meanwhile, in Italy our youths are being immolated by the Italian political and academic regime in the name of the angloamerican colonization, by surrendering the places destined for their professional and identity education, the Universities, to foreign powers. This means to surrender their minds, too, and these powers, thanks to the imposition of their language on the rest of the world, keep increasing their political and economical influence over the European Union». This is the comment of the leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio, Giorgio Pagano.

«It is outrageous that Italian’s politics and Ministry execute against the Italians the same policy the Chinese execute against Tibetans and Uyghurs to destroy their language and culture. Nobody seems to care that the angloamerican populations, unlike others, do not teach any other language except their own. This means that our students start working later than theirs, and have less jobs available. But that’s not enough. To make our students study in English only, as the Politechinc of Miland decided, means that the education ifself will be less valuable, because our youths won’t be able to master anymore the required professional lexicon to communicate with their fellow countryman and administration. This implies the loss of an Italian market and the decision to go abroad to find a job – where, however, they have to compete with English mothertongue, more trained and prepared thanks an education in their own language». «The recent document written by Minister Profumo is just another confirmation of the linguistic and cultural thievery to the detriment of Italians. The various goverments and Ministries who succeeded in the last 20 years kept collaborating with the colonial domination of the Italian’s minds, delivering them to the angloamerican market and its multinationals, opening them the Italian market, rather than drive the Italian market into the angloamerican one». «We need to acquire awareness and emotional motivation that are the only ones to allow us to modify this situation and to remove us from linguistically and culturally oppressive regimes, imposed by whose only pursue their own interests, and manteined by whose should instead defend our language and our identity. The requirements for an internationalization of the Italian language in Italy and abroad already exist, and they do not imply the penetration of a foreign language» concludes Pagano.


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